ESC 2013
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Eurovision Song Contest

12 points go to … digame. Since 2004 we are the official partner of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and responsible for the centralized televoting via telephone, SMS, MHP and for the official Eurovision App, which has been developed by digame.

Perfect Response Platform

More than 100 million viewers in up to 43 countries select the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest – the biggest non-sporting event worldwide.

digame has developed the Pan European Response Platform ( P.E.R.P™) to evaluate the data from more than 150 telecommunication companies in real-time. A couple of minutes after the end of the televoting the winner is determined. P.E.R.P™ is proven by security, redundancy as well as high performance standards.

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Pop Idol

The German Pop Idol already starts into the 13th season and looks back on an impressive success story. A TV show has been rarely so inspiring and involving for the whole TV nation.

Present since day one: digame!

Mass Calling Application

As a responsible Application Service Provider (ASP) digame also implements the voting for the audience in the actual 12th season. The own high-performance iMos platform can process up to 6 million calls and 7.2 million SMS per hour in real-time, so that the results can be quickly presented to the notary for consideration.

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I am a Celebrity – get me out of here

Welcome to the Jungle. This time 12 stars once again do their best in the Australian jungle, in order to become jungle queen or king! Thereby they go to their limits, but only the TV audience decides, who should stay and who should go!

Premium IVR numbers & Premium SMS

The candidates are chosen by the TV audience for the jungle examination. With our high-performance mass calling technology all calls and SMS are accessed in real-time. Thanks to digame within a very short time not only the winner is decided, but also the candidate with the lowest number of votes is made known!

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Who wants to be a Millionaire?

The chances for the million prize are increasing. “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”, Germany’s most successful quiz show! The Joker for the SMS quiz: digame!

TV audience sweepstake via Premium SMS

As established provider of interactive SMS applications digame implements successfully the SMS quiz for “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” and offers the TV audience the chance to test their knowledge in a profitable way.

The technical premium SMS application ensures that the TV audience quiz is shown synchronic with the TV broadcasting of the show.

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Dream house auction

By the third, by the second, by the first … not the highest, but the lowest, one time bid receives the award for the dream house in an amount of a quarter million euros. Thanks to digame and RTL.


digame developed for the dream house auction together with RTL the concept “backward-auction”, by which the lowest, one-time SMS bid wins the prize. The premium SMS application of digame with capacities of more than 100.000 SMS per minute can easily manage the high response rates of the dream house auction.

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Your desired check

We pay your numbers... the highest sum, which wasn't typed by any other participant, wins!

Who wouldn't like to fill his own pay check?! Recently, the winner was happy about incredible 199.767,60 €!


digame developed the concept of a "forward-auction" in cooperation with the ProSiebenSat.1-group.

The pretty successful campaign could hold the tension over one and a half week and even increases in the end.
But of course digames high-performance iMos® SMS-platform was able to handle the capacities easily!