digame at a glance

digame GmbH was founded in 1999 and since 2005 belongs as a 100% subsidiary to the Twister Media Group B.V. in the Netherlands.

digame is among the leading providers of interactive applications and televotings in Europe. Since digame’s entering in the area of mobile in 2005, we are furthermore market leader for mobile interactive TV services.

Innovative developments

  • Development and market entrance of the 0137- Premium service numbers
  • Innovative premium SMS applications, e.g. backward-auctions
  • International mobile payment solution digaPAY
  • Own high performance voice and SMS platforms, Pan-European Response Platform (P.E.R.P.TM)

As Full-Service provider we are taking care of our customers through all project phases: from the creation, conception and programming over the implementation, customer and live support to the accounting and analysis.

Services and solutions at a glance

digame offers all relevant services and solutions, which are necessary in order to implement interactive applications successfully.


  • Ideas generation and development of concepts
  • Optimization of graphic packages
  • Live support of TV and radio formats
  • Winner draws and determination, live transfer of calls
  • Analysis and optimization of interactive applications

Products and solutions

  • Premium voice services, e.g. 0137- premium service numbers, premium voice services (0900), shared-cost services (0180), free-call services (0800)
  • Votings (voice & premium SMS), sweepstakes, quiz
  • Premium SMS based solutions, e.g. reverse auctions
  • Teletext chat

Own TV production

In cooperation with the TV production company MEWORKS digame enables  the conception and production of own interactive TV formats.

Founded in year 2009 MEWORKS is already one of the most high-performing production companies in magazine journalism. With round about 400 TV programs in year (2010) MEWORKS sets standards for production value, speed, seriousness and reliability.

MEWORKS has two production sites, one in Cologne and one in Berlin, in order to respond to the wishes and demands of its customers in timely manner and professional way.

Further information can be obtained from www.meworks.tv.

International presence

digame is a competent partner with long term experience in the mass calling business.

In year 2004 developed digame the first and only Pan European Response Platform (P.E.R.P.TM), which is connected to over 150 Telecommunication companies worldwide.

As long term partner of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) digame is responsible for the implementation of the televoting and app voting for the Eurovision Song Contest within the exclusive EBU contract until 2018.