Second-Screen-Voting App Solutions

For the modern audience is increasingly taken for granted to surf on the internet parallel to TV consumption. The curiosity of additional information with regards to the ongoing program is combined with the multi screen abilities of the TV audience.

Second Screen Applications represent a new trend with huge future potential for broadcaster. The TV screen can provide only one-dimensional communication, thus second screen applications open up a direct communication channel with the TV audience. The direct interaction grants at the same time a detailed impression over the preferences of the audience und increases the emotional retention to the format.

Thereby a reference to the broadcasting can be extended over the duration of the respective broadcasting.

Best Practice Example

About a quarter of all registrated users of the official Eurovision Song Contest App requested on the day after the live show additional information on the format.

Official Eurovision Song Contest App

digame developed within the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 the official Eurovision App, which was proven through an impressive live-performance (250.000 requests/ second). In this way digame set new standards and is established meanwhile as provider for high performance Second Screen Voting App solutions.

New potentials through Second Screen

  • Live connection to the audience
  • High involvement – enhancement of interaction rates
  • Extension of the editorial value chain
  • Additional revenue sources

At any time, before, during and after the show, the broadcaster can influence what the audience sees in the App for the respective formats. Besides the continuous congruence to the Running order of the shows the broadcaster is able to guide the attention of its audience in the wished direction.

New potentials through Multiscreen Voting

  • Voting possibilities over different devices, e.g. Smartphone, Tablet-PC
  • Intensive integration of the audience through interactive, visual elements, e.g. feedback video of the respective artist after each vote
  • Integration of social media channels, e.g. direct sharing of the viewer voting behavior over Facebook and Twitter
  • Increase of the voting participation
  • High payouts